Danielle Buckner

​Role: Partnership Director​ - Washburn High School

My name is Danielle and I was first introduced to Young Life when I was in the 8th grade. Being the youngest of 3, my two older sisters raved about a program that i wasn't old enough to be apart of at the time called YL. When I finally started high school, I too became enthralled with YL.  I have made so many connections and friends with YL, that even my husband was a YL kid.  Over time, my husband and I got back involved with YL and have enjoyed pouring back into kids the same way our leaders poured into us. My heart is full knowing that I have the opportunity to help lead kids to Christ all while serving with the same program that has helped guide my journey with Jesus.

E-mail: daniellebuckner@urbanventures.org 


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