Making An Impact

Our Vision


Our vision is to guide young people towards Jesus Christ and inspire them to live the life God created them to live. To accomplish this goal, we have expand our ministry into WyldLife, our middle school minitry to reach further into the pre-teen culture and YoungLives, our ministry for teen moms . We are working to develop a strong network of leaders and committee members who will serve specific communities within all of the different branches of Young Life in Minneapolis. With a strong support team of adults focused on these areas we can continue the Young Life legacy in our community. We have a strategy to get there; we know that all kids are "too important to ignore".

Where We Want To Go:
  • A team of 70 leaders reaching out to hundreds of Young poeople in North and South Minneapolis
  • 250 students coming to a weekly club
  • Strengthen YoungLives, a program to engage teen moms and their babies
  • Strengthen our WyldLife group by adding more leaders and more support
  • 200+ students going to fall and summer camp
  • More family, leaders, and committee leders joining our community


Young Life Minneapolis | PO Box 390546 Minneapolis, MN 55439-0546

Phone: (612) 567-3460

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